Wonderful Benefits Of Nandrolone

It is not possible to discuss anabolic steroids objectively without mentioning Nandrolone. This drug is one of the most popular steroids in the market because it is beneficial. Unlike other anabolic steroids, Nandrolone has been able to stand the test of time. It was developed in 1960 and made available to the global market in 1962. Since that time, this drug has remained relevant because of its therapeutic and anabolic benefits.

Nandrolone’s Trade Names
When this drug was first introduced to the market by Organon, it was sold in the form of Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, and its trade name was Durabolin. However, its trade name was changed to Deca Durabolin, and it became trendy under this trade name. Over the years, different versions of Nandrolone have hit the market, but most people identify this popular steroid with the brand name Deca.

What This Hormone Does for You
Nandrolone is a great bulking steroid, and this is why it is trendy among bodybuilders. Unlike other steroids out there, it does not help you develop huge muscles overnight. This hormone gives you lasting benefits with few side effects. Also, this hormone enhances performance, improves endurance, and speeds up recovery time. Nandrolone also has a positive impact on your metabolism. That helps you gain muscle even as you lose body fat. Other benefits include an increase in red blood cell count, enhanced protein synthesis, an increase in collagen synthesis, enhanced bone mineral content, and an increase in nitrogen retention.

Administration and Dosage
This hormone is an injectable steroid, and high doses are not usually recommended. For most athletes, a relatively low dose of 300mg per week is recommended. Some athletes may go as high as 400mg per week, but the point has to be made that higher doses increase the risk of side effects. Because this drug has a long half-life, one injection per week is sufficient. However, splitting the dosage into two smaller doses for the week will yield better results.

Side Effects
This drug has estrogenic, androgenic, and cardiovascular side effects. These are not serious, provided that you take the medication in the right doses. Note that this drug suppresses testosterone production, so if you are taking this hormone, you must take testosterone to combat the effect of Nandrolone on testosterone production.

Final word
Nandrolone is an excellent anabolic steroid, and it is readily available in reputable online stores. Buy this drug, use it wisely, and you will notice great results.