Somatropin; Somatropin Cycling For Beginners

Somatropin is a human growth hormone that has excellent benefits depending on what you intend to achieve with its use. For weightlifters, the hormone is used mainly to increase muscle mass and lose body fat. When used correctly, you can accomplish both. How somatropin is used and what it is combined with determines the outcomes.

Brief History
Before 1985, the hormone was harvested from dead bodies, but with the advancement in scientific research, it is now made in laboratories. This growth hormone is involved in more than 500 different hormonal processes. They include:
Stimulation of the immune systems.
Nail and hair growth.
Bone growth.
Fat burning.
Regulation of basal body temperature.
Reduction of insulin insensitivity.
Muscle growth.

People who use this hormone report a great feeling in general. Some even say they feel 20 years younger! However, you do not have to use this to contact high. There are a lot of other products and activities you can engage in to get such a feeling. For weightlifters, somatropin can be used in the following ways:

a) Option one: Daily Injections
Here is the oldest and most common form of using somatropin. It has been in use since the 1970s when athletes were starting to experiment with growth hormones. If the growth hormone you are using is of good quality, has been shipped and stored correctly, you do not need to use more than 4IU per day.
Many weightlifters who use higher dosages of human growth hormones do so because it is of poor quality, and the shipping and storage conditions were not optimal. That leads to the degradation of the hormone.
You do not have to start at 4IU per day if you are a beginner — the lower the dose, the better. Depending on the results you get and your goals, you can increase gradually. Inject half of the total treatment you are using in the morning and the other half after the workout.
Add testosterone and thyroid medication T3 for better results. These three chemicals have synergistic effects.

Option 2: 3 injections per week.
In this method, you divide your total weekly intake of the hormone by 3. You will only have to inject the somatropin three times a week. With this protocol, you get the same benefits as in daily use but avoid dependency. The side effects will be low too. You should also use testosterone and T3 too.

When you adopt the right cycling protocol from the moment you commence weightlifting exercises, you will have the best time and results in your workout.