The Many Controversies Around Somatropin

Somatropin is a growth hormone produced for both animal and human administration. The product for humans is also known as HGH. It stimulates cell regeneration and reproduction, as well as growth. It is something that occurs naturally in the body, and it has good uses. However, much controversy surrounds both the human and bovine forms of Somatropin.

Even in the treatment of medical conditions, Somatropin is controversial. Of the few medicinal uses, only the treatment of children with growth hormone deficiencies or growth disorders seem to truly get benefits that outweigh the risk associated with the hormone. All other treatments, such as those for vitality in elders, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis, are still in the early stages and somewhat experimental. Other medical uses have been off label uses. Prescribing this growth hormone for off label applies has been determined to be illegal. It is clear that the use of the hormone, even in the medical community, is met with mixed opinions.

In the sports world use of Somatropin has been banned. A lot of doping scandals have been based on the use of this growth hormone. Athletes use it to not only gain muscle more easily and quickly, but they also use it to assist in quicker recovery after workouts and competitions. It is common knowledge that it has been used in athletes since at least 1982. Unfortunately, there was no accurate testing for the drug until the early 2000s. Even the supplement community has been affected by the whirlwind around the drug. Several companies have been scrutinized for selling supplements that claim to have HGH releasers.

Perhaps the most controversy comes from using the bovine form of Somatropin in livestock, specifically cattle. The use of the drug has been banned in the United States for all livestock except dairy cattle. The argument is that the benefits to milk production outweigh the risks to the animal. One of the problems reported with the use of the hormone is the overall sick body and health condition for the cows. In particular, the increased rate of mastitis has been shown in dairy cows treated with the drug.

How safe the milk is for human consumption is up for debate. However, several countries, including Canada and all of Europe, have banned the use of the bovine hormone. This debate over human safety has led some dairy farmers to label their milk as being rBST free. This sparked Monsanto to sue a small dairy farm that desired to use such labeling. The suit against the dairy farm by Monsanto started another debate about the freedom of speech.

Somatropin is a drug afflicted with much debate and controversy. It is a drug that is little understood like much in the body. Unfortunately, all the pro’s and con’s for it have not been fully discovered.