The Rise In Popularity Of Legal Steroids

Visit any bodybuilding forum, you will invariably find discussions about different kinds of anabolic steroids held in them. These synthetic versions of natural hormones produced by our body, responsible for increasing its metabolic rate, and burning of fat content are a rage among bodybuilders looking for methods to increase their muscle mass, and among individuals who wish to eliminate the extra fat content of their body as well. Popular celebrities and film stars depend on it to maintain their slim figure and youthful looks. However, despite their popularity, it is impossible to purchase most of them from drug stores, because of a ban on their sale in the United States, set in place by the FDA. While doctors prescribe a few of them to treat cases like osteoporosis and anemia, it is impossible to purchase them unless one has a prescribed by a registered medical practitioner. However, this does not imply that one cannot purchase these fat burning and performance enhancing drugs, as they are available in thousands of online stores. However, one has to be extremely careful to purchase their needs of anabolic steroids for sale only from authentic stores, because of an increase in the number of individuals selling fake steroids, imported from overseas in bulk, and packed locally. One can easily find details of genuine stores by going through posts in bodybuilding forums.

Is it magic?

No, you should not expect results overnight by using anabolic steroids. If you come across any web based store making this claim, then you can rest assured that they are promoting bogus stuff.

Do they cause side effects?

All legal steroids for sale cause some type or side effects or the other. However, these effects last for a week or months depending on the composition and the brand. Some of them are extremely safe; else, doctors would not have prescribed them. Apart from this:
• Bodybuilders use it to gain rippling muscles
• Movie stars and famous personalities depend on it to maintain their slim figure
• Obese persons rely on it to burn the excess fat in their body

What should one do to get the best results?

One should follow the dosage mentioned in the leaflet shipped with the pack of steroid pills if you want to learn more read here. Apart from this, the user should stop eating processed food as they contain bad fatty acids, responsible for buildup of fat in the midriff, and hamper the proper functioning of the tablets. If required, and if available, they should follow the diet chart provided with the drug. Otherwise, they should consult a dietician to prepare a food chart for them.

Why has the FDA banned their sales in the United States?

The drug authority has banned the sale of these drugs because:
• Sportspersons use them to enhance their performance and gain an advantage over their competitors. They have become a subject of ridicule when urine tests, conducted by doping agencies, detect traces of their drugs in their urine using special pathogenic tests.
• Many websites sell fake versions of such drugs that endangers the health of the user
• They increase the aggressiveness of the user

Despite of these bans, one can easily procure anabolic steroids from online shops and use them to lose body weight and gain powerful muscles.